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  1. What is an attachment for a bow?
    • large french clip – 3”, small french clip – 2 ¼ “, rubber band, clippy, plastic clip

      French Clip     Clippy     Plastic Clip
                 French Clip                              Clippy                                Plastic Clip

  2. Why isn’t a particular attachment available for a certain bow?
    • Some bows are too small to hold a large French clip and others are too large for a clippy.  If you would like to have an attachment for your bow that is not offered, please contact our sales team.
  3. What are the attachment options for ties?
    • Show images of all attachments (labeled): clip, elastic strap, fabric strap.
  4. Are our nap mats washable?
    • We suggest machine washing alone, gentle cycle.  Line dry.
  5. Are our ties washable?
    • We suggest spot-cleaning ties.
  6. I see a custom design that I would like for my own order, how can I order it?
    • Call or email our sales team
  7. Can I send you my own custom design to put on my items?
    • Yes!  Contact our sales team to find out how.  Additional charges may apply.
  8. Why are shipping costs shown as $0.00?
    • Shipping charges vary and will be determined at the time your product ships.
  9. Why are some materials available for some bows and not others?
    • Our bows have been set up to offer the most popular materials for that particular bow.  If there is a material you would like to have on your bow(s), please contact our sales team to see if the material is available in the appropriate sizes.